Create Bath Time Puppy Bliss with the Tile Redi Dog Shower Pan

Create Bath Time Puppy Bliss with the Tile Redi Dog Shower Pan

Tired of the chaos and splashes that come with bathing your furry friend in your standard shower or tub? Yearning for a simpler way to ensure your beloved canine companion stays fresh and content? Tile Redi has the perfect answer with our latest innovation: the Tile Redi Dog Shower Pan. Whether you opt for our standard shower pans or tailor a custom Redi Your Way solution, you'll be providing your four-legged family member with a spa-like experience, all while maintaining a pristine home environment.


Why Choose a Tile Redi Shower Pan?


With 25 years of excellence in the shower product industry, Tile Redi has earned a reputation for its one-piece, leakproof shower pans, complete with integrated drains. Now, we've extended our expertise to cater to a new audience – our cherished pets.


Effortless Installation: Select from Tile Redi's array of standard shower pans or unleash your creativity with a custom Redi Your Way option that seamlessly fits your space. The installation process is straightforward, thanks to our step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow illustrations.


Leakproof Assurance: Just like our traditional pans, our doggie shower pans are one-piece shower bases featuring integrated curb, splash walls, drain and drain grate. The one-piece design guarantees complete leakproof performance, so you can bid farewell to concerns about water infiltrating your floors or walls.


Customized Design: Personalize your doggie shower to suit your needs. Create a lower shower for larger dogs or elevate the shower pan to simplify bath time for everyone involved. Since our shower pans are tileable, you have the freedom to choose tiles that perfectly match your room's decor.


Built to Endure: Tile Redi is renowned for the durability of its products, and the Dog Shower Pan is no exception. You can rely on it to withstand years of use, making it a worthwhile investment for both you and your cherished canine companion.


Bid farewell to the bath-time struggles and usher in a new era of convenience and comfort with the Tile Redi Dog Shower Pan. Whether you opt for one of our standard shower pans or a customized Redi Your Way design, you'll be treating your pet to the pampering they deserve while preserving the cleanliness and dryness of your bathroom. Your furry friend will thank you!

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